Our commitment is to provide a sustainable future for all.

Spicers and our entire network of operating companies continually seek to add value for our customers, our employees, our stakeholders and the related communities. We listen with the aim  of finding solutions and succeeding together to a sustainable future for all.

Spicers Malaysia offer products that support sustainability which are part of your daily communication needs.

How “green” are you? How “green” do you want to be? We have the claim of custody certification to stand by our commitments. Whether it is certified paper, paper made with renewable energy or paper from recyclable materials, we have the options you need.

Our Operating Values

Spicers Paper (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd embodies our pledge to sustainability with our Spicers Sustainable Development Charter. Representing our corporate responsibilities, we make sure that our business operations and the services and products we provide to you are well-balanced against our social responsibilities, financial constraints and environmental impacts.

The Spicers Operating Values create a solid foundation for our company, allowing us to come full circle in our responsibility to you and the world. With sustainability strongly embedded into our organisational values, our commitment can be summed up into:

Social Resposibility

Social Sustainability through ethical business conduct and upholding internationally accepted human and labour rights across our operations.

Enviromental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability by aiming to minimise environmental impacts of our operations and logistical activities through best practice environmental management systems focused on energy, waste and recycling.

Economic Sustainability

Economic Sustainability that ensures a profitable business without sacrificing our pledge to you and our environment.

Core Operating Principles

  • Strengthen then build off existing business platforms.
  • Productivity to provide funds to improve sustainability and growth.
  • Simplification.
  • Actively prioritise activities based on value creation for customers, suppliers and for Spicers.
  • Fully leverage our global opportunities.
  • Invest in our people and their skills.
  • Compliance is mandatory.
  • Results oriented teamwork/success as a team.